Waxing Do's & Don'ts


  • Allow AT LEAST 4 weeks or a 1/4 of and inch of hair growth when booking your appointment. Waxing when your hair is too short can result in bruised skin as well as not-so-smooth results.
  • Take a few ibuprofen (tylenol if unable) 30-60 minutes prior to appointment which can help with sensitivity and post wax skin irritation.
  • Inform your esthetician of any topical skin creams (ex. Retin-A)  you may be using as well as oral medication (ex. Accutane) Certain products and medications can thin the skin and cause unnecessary skin lifting!


  • Apply moisturizers or makeup over freshly waxed skin. 
  • Use saunas, pools, hot tubs within 24 hours after wax. 
  • Workout or do any activities that may cause excessive sweating.